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Kaimaktsalan Skiing Center

Kaimaktsalan Skiing Center
Kaimaktsalan Skiing Center
Kaimaktsalan Skiing Center
Kaimaktsalan Skiing Center
Kaimaktsalan Skiing Center
Kaimaktsalan Skiing Center

Kaimaktsalan Skiing Center

Ski Center
Tel.: +30 23810 32000-3, 52012
Fax: +30 23810 20533

Mountain: Voras


The ski center begins at 2040 m. Shelter's central building: 2040 m. Highest peak: 2524 m. Highest lift: 2480 m. Ski Center altitude difference: 2030 m.-2480 m. Greatest lift altitude difference: 290 m. Greatest slope altitude difference: 440 m.

Voras Mountain is located at the frontiers with F.Y.R.O.M. and its crest-ridge is the limit line of the two countries. It is the third highest mountain in Greece after Olympos (2917 m.) and Smolikas (2637 m.), with an altitude of 2524 m., on the peak of which stands Kaimaktsalan Ski Center. The view from the mountain is amazing, since one can see with the naked eye as far as Thermaikos Gulf, the peak of Olympos Mountain and, of course, the 3-5 Pigadia Ski Center in Naoussa, which is across from the peak.

Denomination Origin The word "Kaimaktsalan" has Turkish origins and means in literal translation the cream-crust thief. The reason why this denomination was given is not certain (there are a lot of explanations).

Slopes Total slopes length: 14500 m. Total ski paths length: 4200 m. Total marked slopes: 13 slopes & 2 baby slopes & 1 snowboard slope The unlimited tracks of virgin snow increase the level of difficulty.

More specifically:

  • 4 blue: o Νο 7, 1000 m. in length. It is served by a METERIZI lift. o Νο 2, 1200 m. in length. It is served by a SARANTOVRISSI 2 lift. o Νο 9, 900 m. in length. It is served by a SARANTOVRISSI lift. For beginners. o Νο 2, 2200 m. in length. It is served by a SARANTOVRISSI 1 lift, which is the longest.
  • 6 red: o Νο 8, 700 m. in length. It is served by a METERIZI lift. o Νο 10, 700 m. in length. It is served by a SARANTIVRISSI 2 lift. For medium-level skiers. o Νο 3, 2000 m. in length. It is served by a SARANTOVRISSI 1 lift. For advanced-level skiers. o Νο 4, 1800 m. in length. It is served by a SARANTOVRISSI 1 lift. For advanced-level skiers. o Νο 5, 1200 m. in length. It is served by a KREMASSI lift. For the experts of the sport. o Νο 6, 1000 m. in length. It is served by a KREMASSI lift. It is the best slope of the ski center for ski experts.
  • 3 Lang-Lauf slopes: o R1 - it is used for group training and for games. o R2 - it is also used for games and group training. It is served by a SARANTOVRISSI 1 lift. o R3
  • 5 ski paths: o Path Μ1 (of a METERIZIΙ lift) o Path S2 (of a SARANTOVRISSI 2 lift) o Path S1 (of a SARANTOVRISSI lift) o Path S2 (of a SARANTOVRISSI 1lift) o Path Κ1 (of a KREMASSI lift)
  • Snowboard slope or fun park with blocks for jumping.


  • 1 two-seat aerial lift (Sarantovrissi 1), with a capacity of 1200 persons/hour
  • 2 sliding one-seat lifts Sarantovrissi 2 and Meterizi, with a capacity of 900 and 500 persons per hour respectively)
  • 1 sliding two-seat lift (Kremassi, with a capacity of 951 persons/hour)
  • 2 beginner's lifts or baby-lifts. Both of them are exactly in front of the central chalet. The first one serves the needs of those who would like to learn skiing by themselves, as well as children who have just started skiing. The second one serves the needs of ski and snowboard schools.Other facilities/services
  • The Main Shelter: It is on the foot of the ski center (at 2050 m.). Lately renovated (12/04), it can accommodate up to 20 persons in its 7 luxurious rooms and can give assistance to about 2500 persons for a coffee, a soft drink or meal. In the central building there is also a restaurant, 2 bars, fast food, Internet cafe, playgrounds and a mini market. Through its large lounges you can view the slopes. There is also accessibility and lavatories for the handicapped.
  • Snow bar (cafe-bar): It is on the foot of the main lift, with a magic view of the slopes, fireplace, good music, cafe, soft drinks and snacks
  • Ski and snowboard schools
  • Ski, snowboard & snowmobile equipment rent shop
  • Booking office
  • Parking lot

Special services

  • Snow Tubing Park: It refers to a special shaped domain in which young and elders can have fun without demanding any special clothing, ski, snowboard or any other sport knowledge. It contains its own sliding lift (baby-lift type) 120 m. in length, special automatic system, and elevated start for special shaped slope. The park operates every Saturday, Sunday and on Holidays from the opening of the ski center till the end of the winter period.
  • Speed Trap: In the location Sarantovrissi, within the ski center, from the beginning of the winter season 2004-2005, functions the first Speed Trap in Greece. The Speed Trap is set in a special shaped slope at an altitude of 1200 m., near the main slope of the Ski center. With Speed Trap every skier can "trap speed". The skier traverses a 150 m. in length slope. At this slope terminal there is a special marked domain in which the skier can see to the scoreboard the highest speed he reached.
  • Snow rafting: From the 2004-2005 winter season the center snow rafting, which gives the visitor the possibility to descend the slope in a big rubber boat accompanied by a trainer.
  • Transportation vehicle to the peak point: The visitor has the possibility to reach the peak point (2524 m.) with a special vehicle, visit the unique Profitis Ilias Chapel for its view, take a photo or play snowball.

Accessibility/Road network

In 1996 the network road was asphalted whereas in 2002 the second network road from the side of Kerassies municipality department to the municipality of Edessa was opened.

Operation period The ski resort is open all week long from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Useful notes

The ski center was put in trial operation in 1994. It officially started to operate after the assignment of its running to a private corporation in 1995.The first lift (Meterizi) that was constructed is the highest in Greece and reaches 2480 m., where its arrival station is situated.Facilities/services in the surrounding area

In the surrounding area there are traditional settlements with argotouristic guesthouses and small hotels to accommodate the region's visitors.

Sites/activities in the surrounding area

At the peak point of the Kaimaktsalan/Voras mountain and within the border lines there is the Profitis Ilias Chapel, which is a monument of the 1st World War, It was constructed in Catholic style and has in its basement a a cenotaph of the victims that fell in the battles that took place on its slope. Its largest part was proposed to be included in the region of Nature 2000. At the foot of the mountain is the lake of Vegoritis, one of the largest lakes in dimension and in depth in Greece that is extended into the geographic borders of three prefectures (Pella, Florina, Kozani) and is protected by the Ramshar treaty. Also considerated as sights are: the airport of Zervi that serves the gliding planes and flying and parachuting schools, the spa baths of Loutraki, Aridea, known as Pozar in which there are pools with spa spring water (with 37 degree temperature), water land Agra-Nissi-Vryta with a variety of bird traps and, of course, the town of Edessa with its waterfalls, the traditional neighborhood of Varossi, the birdseed industry, the mill turnstile, the aquarium of fresh water, the ancient town in Logo, etc.

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